Wedding gown preservation & cleaning

The Best Wedding Gown Care in Pasco County Ever..Or It's Free!
We'll give you “Peace of Mind.”  We'll clean and preserve your wedding dress in our dry cleaning plant the right way, We don’t send your Delicate wedding gowns to third party companies like other cleaners, we do everything in HOUSE and will make sure we give you the best quality and price for your memory.
Everyone knows that your wedding gown, perhaps the most important and sentimental dress you will ever wear, needs professional attention after your wedding. Because we know how important your gown is to you, we’ll make sure your gown gets just the right treatment and respect that is deserves. As the only Certified Wedding Gown Specialist in Pasco County, We’ll make sure you are not disappointed. We guarantee that!
What better symbol of love could you give your daughter or granddaughter than your wedding gown that she has seen so many times in your wedding pictures? Would you like your wedding gown to look like “NEW” years from now when your daughter plans to wed?
And if you want to sell your wedding dress after your wedding, make it look great by getting us to clean it for you.
With the right care - including cleaning and preservation, your gown will look fabulous decades from now. But you need handle it correctly immediately after your wedding and allow us to clean and preserve your gown. You can even inspect your gown before we preserve it. And you can still admire it though the viewing window even after it’s preserved.
We Will Go the Distance for You
Are you going away for your wedding? Need help in boxing your gown for the trip? We can handle that, too. Do you have an emergency needing our help with your gown at the last minute? Trust our cleaners! We’ll come through for you.
Get the Wrinkles Out
you need help preparing the gown for your wedding day? It is not unusual to end up with a few areas on your gown needing touch up before your wedding from wearing and handling the gown after your pictures. You want to have the gown looking just right for your walk down the aisle. Whether it’s spots, wrinkles or repairs, Our Experienced staff will make sure this happens.
Vintage Garment Restoration
And if you have a vintage gown that you would like restored, Champion Wedding Gown Specialists can often return it close to its original, bright and elegant look. Your Mother’s wedding gown…the heirloom dress that’s been passed down from your Grandmother …your Father’s or Grandfather’s military uniform. You’ll be amazed at the how bright and “original” a yellowed wedding gown, uniform or other garments…those that mean a lot to you… will often look after our proprietary restoration process.
After all, "Peace of Mind" is what we give because you'll get...
The Best Wedding Gown Care Every...Guaranteed!