New Port Richey Cleaners & Trinity (Formerly Golden Touch) Cleaners is a family owned-and-operated business since 1967 and was founded on the principle of quality and customer service. Owners Pinkal Patel and his father Sam Patel moved here from Kenya, Africa with Indian Origin as they purchased the Dry Cleaners from the Pratt’s Family in 2001. Both Father and son have taken pride in their work by satisfying customers with highest service. Customers can rest assured that their clothes and garments will be given professional care by professionals who get the job done right at the first time, every time.


In May 2001 New Port Richey Cleaners & March 2015 Trinity Cleaners became Pasco’s first GreenEarth Dry Cleaner, bringing 100% safe, non-hazardous dry cleaning to their customers. GreenEarth Cleaning is the world’s largest brand of environmentally friendly dry cleaning services. The GreenEarth brand name refers to an exclusive dry cleaning process, not offered at most dry cleaners, that replaces the petrochemical solvents traditionally used in dry cleaning with liquid silicone. Liquid silicone is an odorless, colorless solution that is an excellent carrier for detergents, has ideal properties for fabric care and is better for the environment.

In addition to the professional wet cleaning machine, products and specialized pressing equipment, we have become leaders in the industry by removing all hazardous and toxic cleaning products from our operation. Besides ending the use of toxic chemicals, we also use biodegradable bags made from corn, and we recycle hangers.
We are truly a hands-on family-owned business. We encourage you to stop in and meet our professional staff. We always have time to answer questions and meet the special needs of our customers.
New Port Richey Cleaners & Trinity Cleaners are full service dry cleaners and offer free pick up and delivery service from your home or business.

Quality Dry Cleaning Can Change Your Life

Quality is the Difference Maker.  It’s Also The Key To Our Attitude.

Imagine the impact these typical dry cleaning snags would have on your hectic schedule:

·       Your dry cleaning isn’t delivered when and where you need it

·       Your dry cleaner doesn’t get your clothes cleaned to your specifications

·       Your dry cleaner loses your clothes or sends it to a branch store that wasn’t close to you (Plant on Premises)

·       Your dry cleaner doesn’t give designer/high end couture clothes individual care

·       Your dry cleaner returns clothes to you with buttons missing

These things happen when dry cleaners don’t make quality a top priority.

That’s not the case with NPR Cleaners and Trinity Cleaners. By incorporating quality into every aspect of our operation, we can provide a highly personalized, convenient service you won’t find anywhere else.


Here are examples of how our quality makes a difference:

FREE Pick-up and Delivery Services

One of the most painful things about dry cleaning your clothing properly is the the pick-up and delivery.  We make it easy by offering you a Free Dry Cleaning Service:

For customers within our service area, our twice-a-week pickup and delivery service comes directly to your door.


Individualized Attention for Every Garment


Other dry cleaners focus on quantity, cranking through as many garments as they can.  We don’t, and nowhere is it as apparent as with the individualized service our customers receive for each of their garments.  From inspection of each garment, to on-the-spot minor repairs, your clothes will receive:

·       Rigorous garment inspection before and after they are cleaned

·       Special “Pre-Spotting” stain removal

·       GUARANTEED inspection for and replacement of missing and cracked buttons.

·       FREE minor repairs to clothing, including hems and seams that come loose when dry cleaning


Hand Pressing on all garments


Many dry cleaners use a steam tunnel approach to reduce wrinkles. Garments are placed on a conveyor and run through a steam tunnel. It’s cheaper for them, but the process doesn’t get out as many wrinkles.

At New Port Richey and Trinity Cleaners, every item of clothing that we dry clean or launder is "hand finished," meaning they’re hand-pressed or individually-steamed. The result is a noticeably higher-quality, smooth finish and crisper creases. It takes us longer, but the results are worth it if you want to look your best.


On-Site Cleaning for More Reliable Service


Where other dry cleaners have a central dry cleaning plant and ship cleaned garments to “drop” stores, we do all of our dry cleaning on site.  That means you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting lost when shipped from a central site.  Everything is cleaned locally, and shipped directly to you.


Cleaning Standards High Enough to Care for Your Finest Clothing

You won’t find many other dry cleaners who cater to finer, high-end designer clothes.  Our special couture dry-cleaning service provides a level of care used by exclusive designers and clothiers.  This gold standard in dry cleaning includes:

·       Additional pre- and post-cleaning inspections

·       Separate dry cleaning or wet cleaning

·       superior hand-pressing


Special Executive Shirt Service with Exclusive Add-ins

Our Executive Shirt Service provides specific services tailor-made for busy executives.  For mens and ladies laundered shirts and blouses, our approach includes exclusive add-ins.

From starching to your preferences to pre-treating cuffs and collars, these add-ons cater exclusively to business professionals.  It’s the shirts and blouses cleaning you need, exactly what you need it.  

If you are traveling or just prefer to place your clean and pressed shirts in your closet folded rather than on hangers, we offer a special dress shirt folding service.  Simply let us know and we’ll fold some or all of your dress shirts as you prefer.


Beyond Dry Cleaning - Complete Repair and Alteration Service

We also provide service above and beyond a typical dry cleaner.  From basic hems to extensive wedding gown alterations, alterations are an essential part of helping your clothes last and maintain their appearance.  We can provide all the repairs and alterations you need.


Unconditional Guarantee to Show Our Commitment to You

A quality approach demands integrity and a commitment to the customer.  We stand behind our service and if you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you don’t have to pay for it. How many other dry cleaners offer that kind of guarantee? We will go above and beyond to satisfy you every time.


Coupons To Help You Save

As a customer at New Port Richey and Trinity Cleaners, you will receive coupons from our website. Bring them in with incoming garments to be cleaned and enjoy the savings instantly.


Additional Services for Added, Personalized Convenience

We’re always looking for additional ways to provide customized services, to further distinguish ourselves from the rest.  Here are just a few:

·       -Wash, dry & fold service

·       -Same-day dry cleaning and laundry service for most items -weekdays

·       -Emergency service - if you have a dry cleaning emergency just call or text us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for you.

·       -Wedding gown care: cleaning, pressing, alterations,

·       - Uniform Cleaning

·       - Rug and Drape Cleaning
      - Expert Alterations