Household Linens 

Household items should be cleaned with the change of seasons. Having them dry-cleaned or wet cleaned on a regular basis will extend their life. We offer dry clean only and wet cleaning services for all your household items like comforters, blankets, duvets, and   bedspreads. Don’t forget your cushion covers, throw pillows and down pillows. Let us help you maintain and protect your investments! All comforters are returned to you in special breathable packaging easy for storage. We Clean All House Hold items guaranteed, and our stain control is impeccable. 
Window Treatments
Whether you have custom curtains, drapes or valances we will professionally clean all your window treatments. Having your window treatments dry cleaned regularly will keep the original colors in your custom draperies brighter and looking their best for years to come. Not to mention clean draperies are healthier and prevents dust from building up and circulating in your house. We will come to you to PICK UP AND RE-HANG YOUR DRAPES AND CURTAINS FOR FREE!!
Area Rugs
Getting your rug cleaned is something that often gets overlooked. High-quality rugs are a breeding ground for many allergens. Normal vacuuming cannot get down into the fibers like it can on your carpet. Rugs are tightly woven fibers that really grab a hold of dirt and dust on your rugs. In a typical rug that has not been cleaned recently, there could be 2 pounds of dust in there. 2 pounds! If you have a pet, forget about it, you’ll be tipping the dust scale for sure. Dry cleaning your area rugs regularly will not only keep them looking great but it will also help them last longer. We clean all types of rugs and offer FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY OF YOUR RUGS, Restrictions may apply. 
Table Linens

Table clothes, napkins, cushions, placemats, we clean them all. Rest assures that your linens will be in perfect condition, ready to use at your next dinner celebration. All linens are spot cleaned and treated for stains before carefully being pressed on our large table linen press or dry cleaned and soft pressed.